Relationships. A reason many live. An excuse for even more people to be miserable. It seems to be such a double-edged sword. The fact is all of us have a need to connect with people. But something has gone wrong in the process.

This is why I want to talk about relationships and connections. Addressing this matter through the perspective of “Life is all around”, the intended discussions can offer valuable insights. One can use these observations to improve their journey of life.

“Connect with People” is the major topic of the CONNECT pillar. Next to advice to enhance one’s life, this topic also explains why relationships and life always come together.

The subjects I intend to cover here are:

You can find a new article on a different pillar every minth. I plan to upload a post every first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC, and I want to address a different category every time.

Stay tuned, connect with people, and remember: Life is all around.

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