Love makes life so sweeter. In a way, life is love. The same way you see that life is all around, you can also feel the love all around. Just look at how beautiful, and majestic everything is; that is all you need. But let’s dive deeper.

What is love?

Love is more than a feeling. It is a way of being. Although you can define love in many ways, I usually think of love as a willingness to respond

When I am willing to respond freely and openly, I love. Do I need to love something in particular? No. Love does not require a subject. 

You can, however, use something or somebody as a stimulus to be loving. But love is limitless and beyond attachments. 

Love is unconditional

There is no such thing as conditions in love. When you love something or somebody, you do so unconditionally. 

Otherwise, what you experience is not love. You can call it a transaction at best. You expect somebody to do something for you, and only then do you think you “love” the other person. That’s not it.

Love is an inner state, so it need not depend on anybody or anything else. Most importantly, love is not something that you do; love is the way you are.

Love as a currency of blissfulness

Most people use love to experience moments of bliss. However, when that happens, they often associate the blissfulness with the stimulus they utilized to feel love. 

For example, another person made them feel loving, so they experience that tremendous feeling of bliss. Hence, they think the other person is the cause of such moments. They don’t yet realize that what they feel is all their doing. 

This association of love and bliss works the other way around too. But this time, when you are blissful, you are naturally loving towards everything. In those circumstances, you can fall in love with even the air you breathe! 

How to be love

Remember that love is a quality, not something you do with somebody else. So the question is, how to be loving? The honest answer is: “How can you not be loving?”. That sounds silly, but at some point, it will make sense to you, too, if it hasn’t already.

But let’s take a step back and see how you can “practice” love. Initially, you may need an object to love. But that will go away soon as you become more and more blissful. So, first, think of something that means a lot to your life. Maybe it is a person you know, your child or parent, a pet, maybe inanimate things like water. Sit close to it if possible.

Although you don’t need a reason to love, find an excuse if needed. Anything works for now. See how this thing or person makes you feel. Realize that what you experience is all within you, and by definition, it is all your doing.

Do that for a few minutes per day. As you progress, move into other objects, things that mean nothing to you. Maybe a tree, a pebble, an ant, even a grain of sand. See how you can be loving towards them as you did with the other more “precious” to you objects. Slowly, you’ll start to be naturally loving with everything around you. 

What about love with your life partner?

Love is all about you. Although you don’t need anyone to be loving, a partner can make your life a lot sweeter. The relationship can work wonders if nobody depends on the other to be loving. 

Imagine your life with a naturally loving partner who has seen it is human nature to be loving. If you are the same, you can share your love and blissfulness with each other and the entire world.

Then, relationships are the sweetest things ever. So, look around for that person, and your life will feel even more a blessing than it already is.

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