The most innovative products, companies and lifestyles come from people who are able to connect dots. Our mind is like an infinite canvas with millions of information pinpointed on different locations. One can be creative when they connect seemingly unrelated dots.

That is why I want to talk about Creativity in more detail and show how you can use it to better your life journey.

This topic is an element of the THINK pillar. I will mention specific techniques and practices to boost your creativity with the ultimate goal of enriching your own life.

A sample of future posts in this topic is:

  • Creativity: the basics
  • The magic of WHY questions
  • The beauty of imagining solutions
  • Think how to improve somebody’s life
  • Forcing creativity: WHAT IF questions
  • Out of the box thinking: get to your discomfort zone
  • Design thinking: a way to creatively solve problems
  • Activate your right brain … or just use your left hand
  • Ideation techniques
  • The Golden Ratio
  • Draw something: the magic of using both hands
  • Observe and recall: an age-old way to sharpen your creativity
  • The magic of trying something for the first time
  • Taking different routes home
  • Routine: the worst enemy of creativity
  • Association practice
  • Play the devil’s advocate
  • Imagine opposites and make a synthesis
  • Creativity: a team task
  • Hands-on creative tasks

One new article will be online every first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC.

I know that’s a lot of days, but this schedule may change in the future. Stay tuned to learn more.

If you need to ask me anything, you can do so on by emailing [email protected]. Or just leave a comment.

And don’t forget: Life is all around. And be creative. Life is.

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