When I look around,

when I open my eyes, 

all I see is Life,

al I see is grace,

it’s love at first sight,

or maybe love at every moment?

When I look at You,

your eyes so blue,

your smile so cute,

your reactions so sweet,

your face so lit,

it’s love at first sight,

oh, no, it’s love with each look.

Then I look around again,

and I cannot but notice,

Life is all around,

Life is You,

Life is within us,

so I wonder, 

why not merge those lives?

Time will tell,

next to your spell,

what the future holds,

but through all it unfolds,

I know for a fact,

one eye contact,

is all we need.

Life is You.

You is Life.

I fall in love with You.

I fall in love with Life.

It’s the same.


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