There are times that you wish you were somewhere else. Or that you could talk to someone in person or on a call, but for some reason, you can’t. So you may wonder what to do if you miss someone. Here are three steps to follow!

First: Accept that you miss them 

This is crucial. Accepting something is a prerequisite if you want to handle any situation. You cannot change anything or face a challenge if you don’t acknowledge that there exists an issue in the first place.

So, the first step is to accept that you miss the other person. If you are reading this, you are probably aware of the fact, but in this case, acceptance is a step ahead of awareness. 

Once you have understood that you miss someone, it is time to accept and own it. Even if the other person does not miss you as much or altogether, accepting this unfortunate turn of events will help immensely. 

Second: express yourself and show that you miss them

You cannot simply suppress an emotion from one day to another. This requires time. However, don’t let emotion rule you, either. And an ideal way to do that is to express your emotion. 

Start by telling them how you feel and that you miss them. Use that word; there is nothing wrong with it. It’s okay if they don’t feel the same way. In any case, it will help a ton to know.  

Once you’ve shared your feelings with them, or if that’s not possible, it is time to express yourself creatively. Write down your thoughts, go for a walk to contemplate, draw a painting, write a letter, meditate, pray, or do anything that enables you to express yourself.

Third: engage in activities with other people 

If you miss someone, the third step is to do activities with others. Of course, no one will feel as much fun as the other person; after all, you miss them for a reason. Still, spending time with others is the next best option.

And in a world of compromises, it makes sense to choose the best option on the table. Go for sports, hike a mountain with a friend, attend a seminar, travel, invite people over, go out, anything involving the company of other people works!

An ideal scenario is to find a friend and do an activity you both like. Immersing yourself in something you enjoy with a good friend is one of the best things to do if you miss someone. 

Steps on what to do if you miss someone

  • Accept that you miss them
  • Share your feelings with them
  • Do something you enjoy with a friend 

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