Our mind is a tremendous tool. It has the power to create. Many have talked about its potential and called that power “The Secret”. This refers to the universal law that you attract anything you think. I continuously come across this notion in many sources.

I have heard of the attraction law in meditation articles, philosophical books, self-development blogs, and many spiritual teachings. But I only realized and put the whole idea into practice after I accidentally ran up to the book of the same name.

I am now determined to share these findings and my own experience with the law. My hope is that you can use this knowledge to enhance your own life journey, as I have done myself.

This topic is under the general THINK pillar and aims to show the power of our minds.

I am tempted to talk more about it, but I will leave it here and come back with more articles in the future.

Those will be:

You will see a new post every week on the first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC. Every time, I will write about a different pillar.

You won’t regret waiting. Stay tuned. Prepare to use the secret in your own life. And don’t forget: Life is all Around.

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