Spirituality is Life. Life is spirituality.

If you ever thought that there are spiritual matters and there are worldly matters, the topic of Spirituality is here to argue against it.

At the very least, you will find this subject entertaining. In the best-case scenario, it may propel you into a life change.

Inducing some spirituality in your routine can for sure improve and accelerate your life journey. I can personally vouch for that. If, instead, you can bring spirituality into every moment of your life (rather than a few minutes or hours during the day), then … miracles shall happen.

This topic is, of course, under the spiritual pillar. It is a bit more “rough”, “direct,” and “hard to read” than the rest topics in this category.

Some would say this topic is “illogical”. Then I would answer: Yes, at times, it is illogical. It all depends on where your logic stands at the moment. … Well, this already sounds illogical, so I will leave it here and will come back very soon.

I have planned to publish the following articles:

Every first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC, one new article will be uploaded to this blog. That means you get to read an article on spirituality every fourth week.

Stay tuned and remember: Spirituality is all around. I meant Life is all around. It’s the same, anyways.

They say we should have high self-esteem. Yet, if we look around us and be sensible, we can clearly see how small we are in this existence. Surprisingly, it can even feel good to admit we are such a trivial happening in this cosmos.

Have you ever wondered what does it mean for something to be true? What is the quality that makes something true? That is a difficult but necessary question if you want to know something more than survival. Then, one of your first tasks is to learn how to define your Truth. 

“Religion and spirituality”: this is a very subtle topic. It is difficult to talk about these two as in many cases they intersect. However, this does not mean that they are the same. There are important differences between the two. This article touches on this issue.