If I ask you to describe yourself, you will most likely start talking about your personality. Personality and the self are different, as we plan to see on the topic of self-awareness. However, we systematically use our personas to interact with people, solve problems and handle life.

Personality is a function of past inputs in the form of experiences and knowledge (more on this in a future post). Most people craft it unconsciously. Now, it is time to create and mold our personality consciously. This is a sure way to improve our life journey.

The topic of Personality is part of the THINK pillar. This suggests that our personas are nothing more than a creation of our own minds. To understand how to build and refine our personas, we need to first explain how the mind works.

To explore this topic, I intend to read about the following:

I aim to upload a new post every month on the first Sunday at 10 am UTC. I will discuss a different category every time.

The goal is clear: see how to use anything to improve your life journey and understand that “Life is all around”.

There was a time in my life that philosophy played a very important role. This is not so now but I can for sure say that it has helped me grow and can still does. The path of growth is not necessarily the same for each person. However, if one is willing, they can make use of everything in life for their own growth. This also includes thoughts of great men before us.

We all wake up. Some get up right away, others need some extra time lying on the bed, usually checking their messages and social media. The question is what makes you get up from your bed? This may sound an easy question but the more time you spend thinking about it, the more you understand about yourself and your future.