Once you know where you are standing, the next logical step is to find ways to become better.

That is why this topic: Self-improvement.

If you want to move on the journey of life, you have to explore ways of personal development. You cannot do without it.

This topic is part of the first pillar: that of Spirituality. I cannot in any way overstate its importance. Simply put, without it, there can be no growth in human consciousness.

The articles I have planned to publish are:

  • The first step of growth: realizing where you are
  • Where do you want to be in the future? Decide now
  • Towards the ideal self
  • What would you say to your younger self?
  • What would you say to your older self?
  • Do you regret of anything you did?
  • Locate your assumptions: the 3-year-old’s technique
  • What do you really want? And what needs to be done about it?
  • Make your gratitude list
  • List all your happy moments in life
  • Your comfort zone: what’s in it and what’s out of it?
  • What would my self 2.0 do?
  • A simple technique: daily review your day
  • Becoming less self-centered

I will publish one article every month on the first Sunday 10 am UTC in this blog.

Stay tuned and don’t forget: “Life is all Around”.

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