People seem to excel better when they live and work together. 10 people can achieve more if they work as a group than if they work independently. In one way, a culture is a certain arrangement of rules and patterns through which individuals can live and thrive together. However, people seem to believe that cultures cannot be chosen.

Politics is part of our lives every day. Whether we are interested in it or not, politics determines the quality and future of our daily lives. We can choose to be politically active and help make everyone’s lives better, or we can choose to be indifferent. Whatever we choose, the responsibility remains.

Creativity is a trait of our minds. If we have to be honest, we cannot really create something new. We are, however, able to twist certain aspects or combine seemingly unrelated things and then create something that has not happened before, but it was always possible.

History has been a boring subject for many students in primary school and beyond. This gets more noticeable if one considers the way it is often taught: history classes usually require memorization rather than learning. However, as with all things in life, we can use everything for our growth, including history reading.