We all have desires. We always want to become something more. And then something even more. That is natural. We consciously or unconsciously have in mind an ideal self we want to reach. Hopefully, this article can make this process a more conscious choice.

What is a desire

Everyone can talk about desires, but not everyone can explain to another person what a desire or a want is. In one way, the mind is the manufacturing unit of desires. Note that every desire is a thought. However, not all thoughts are desires. A thought without intention is just a thought. A thought with intention is a desire.

“I would like to become a billionaire”, this is not a desire. That is a simple thought, a wish if you prefer. “I want to become a billionaire” can be a desire. And that is because the latter can have an intention in it. The former has no intention; it is just a liking. 

In general, human desires can take infinite forms and find expressions in numerous ways. However, fundamentally, every human seeks pleasantness within and pleasantness around. Everyone wants to be joyful, loving, and peaceful within. nd everyone wants to be happy and feel successful with their surroundings

At the same time, many philosophies proclaim that it is better to live without desires. However, that thought itself can be a desire. Desire seems natural to human nature and is not necessarily a problem by itself. But it can be a problem if it happens compulsively, not conscious y. Everyone is making choices, but choices made in unawareness are compulsions.

Ask the right questions 

When you consciously decide to locate your desires, the questions you will ask yourself are essential. First, to make the process easier and more organized, it might help to address different areas of life separately. 

For example, I have personally split life matters into four categories or, as I call them, the four pillars of life. These are the spiritual, personal, professional, and social pillars. If you consider each pillar separately, it can be easier to locate your desires in general. 

Once you do that, you can ask yourself, “What kind of a person do I want to be?”. The question is not merely what you want to do; the question is: Can you be devoted to it?” Can you see yourself doing it in 30 years from now?” 

Before you write down your desires, next to “What do I want to become?”, you can also ask: “How do I want to live my life?”. The former is about the content of your life; the latter is about the context. Life does not merely change because you change the content of life; you can also try to change the context of life, such as how you wake up or talk to someone. 

Towards the ideal self

Once you have written down your desires, a process that ideally should take at least a few days, the next logical step is to pave the way towards fulfilling these desires. Or in other words, see how you can come closer to your ideal self. 

The most efficient tool you can utilize in this effort is no other than commitment t. Devote yourself to what you are doing g. Commit to enhancing this life. Whether you are working on science, sports, art, music, or whatever else, dedicate your life to it. Then everything can happen.

The sad part is that you may quit before you even try. You may think that what you want is not possible. The fact is what is possible and what is not possible is not for you or me to decide e. All you need to do, is find what you really want, make it clear in your mind and commit yourself to it.

That means you generate a continuous stream of thought toward what you really want. Once your thoughts are constant and uninterrupted, your mind gets organized to think of what you want. Then success will come naturally. Then, you do not take any step sideways, away from your goals. You use every iota of energy you can master to enhance this life.


  • Ask “How I want to live my life”
  • Find what you really want and make it clear in your mind
  • Devote yourself to what you are doing 

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