Do you know that you could speak a language without understanding it? In fact, you do that every day. You may talk in English (or German, or Spanish, and so on) but at the same time you employ universal nonverbal cues. That is called body language. It is literally the most used language on the planet. But still, people have hardly any knowledge of it.

This is why I want to talk about body language here. This is a truly underrated topic. Still, body language is a tool to understand and connect with people. It is also a mechanism to discover your own feelings and thoughts at a certain moment. Above all, learning about body language can be a means to enhance your own life journey.

The topic of Body language is part of the CONNECT pillar. Its main goal is to show how to use body language to improve your life. As a side benefit, you also get to know tips and theories that you can apply to your daily interactions.

Here, I plan to cover the following subjects:

  • Nonverbal communication
  • Feet don’t lie
  • Pay attention to the legs
  • Torso tips
  • The urgency of understanding
  • Arms signals
  • Hands gestures
  • The face canvas
  • Universal gestures
  • Take the upper hand(shake)
  • The magic of smile
  • Deceit signals
  • Eye signals
  • Personal space: the need for privacy
  • Common gestures
  • Build rapport: mirroring
  • Territory signals
  • Secrets of attractive body language

One new article will be available on this blog every first Sunday of the month (10am UTC) on a different topic each time.

Always remember: Life is all around. And it surely is in every part of your body.

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