We all have heard those economists in the news talking about the economy in an alien language. From my point of view, it is a pity they decided to address the audience in that way. I have studied economics for five years, and I know an economist can explain all this s@#t in plain English. They just choose to impress with fancy words.

Because economics is presented in that way, people do not make an effort to understand it. I intend to show that economics is simple. Not only that, we can derive many lessons from it to help us in the journey of life.

The topic of Economics belongs to the WORK pillar. Its aim is twofold. First and foremost, it shows how learning economics can help you in your life journey. At the same time, it has a welcoming side effect: it helps readers understand the economy.

Here, I plan to cover the following matters:

  • Capitalism: a deadlock or a step to something better?
  • Economy: How it all started
  • Why Europe and not Africa
  • How global trade happened
  • The Easterlin hypothesis
  • Industrial Revolution: why Britain
  • The marriage of profit and debt
  • The black magic of banking
  • Public debt: the ghost in the machine
  • People’s perceptions are relative.
  • History: the 3 economic systems
  • Economic growth vs economic development
  • Bankers and State: a toxic relationship
  • Expectations matter
  • Profit: the motive to invent
  • Capitalism: the triumph of Exchange over experiential value
  • Commodification vs democratization: a one-sided battle?
  • Conscious capitalism: can it happen?
  • Happiness and economic development

I have scheduled to post one article every month on the first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC.

So stay tuned, get to know economics, and see Life all around you.

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