We are all conditioned to do things we have done in the past. It can feel challenging if we do something new, like starting a new job. However, those moments can be great opportunities to grow and a way to live life to the fullest.

Why routines?

I have always wondered why we like routines so much. Some may claim a routine is an excellent way to stay productive. Fair enough. However, a routine is not necessary for it. We can remain productive if disciplined enough, even if we do not follow a strict schedule.

In any case, people like routines, but this is not for the sake of being efficient. It looks as if most of us like routines because they make us feel secure and comfortable. When we know what is coming, we feel better. On the other hand, if we do not know what we should expect, we may get anxious.

That seems to be the real reason we like routines. We want to know and control our lives. However, a routine can only give an illusion that we can control what happens around us. No matter how carefully we plan a day, something may change or go wrong.

Traveling: a counterexample of routine

If a routine aims to bring more control to our life, it also takes away a lot of the magic of life. For example, have you ever traveled to a new country? Did you know what to expect? Nope. Travel is the definition of a common counterexample. How did traveling make you feel?

When you travel, you feel a greater sense of aliveness because you discover new things and are open to learning. People generally seem enthusiastic when traveling but look miserable when they follow their routines back home.

Of course, you may say it is natural to enjoy traveling to a new country more than a typical day at the office. However, just as a reminder, it is a personal choice to have a routine.

If you live a specific day, again and again, it can become daunting, even if that day is sunbathing on a Bahamas beach. Soon, you would like to visit another beach or island. The same applies to your working days. Initially, you may find you like the job, but this slowly goes away if you keep doing the same tasks.

Getting out of the comfort zone

In one sense, the comfort zone is a list of everything you have already done and feel comfortable doing. When you try something new, you step out of your comfort zone. For example, when you first drove a car, you were stepping out of your comfort zone, which, after some time, included driving.

If you start writing a list of the most memorable and incredible moments in your life, you will notice a particular pattern. The vast majority of those moments were instances you tried something new or, for some reason, stepped out of your comfort zone.

In short, getting out of the comfort zone is a great way to learn and grow. After all, you truly know something when you try it. That is one of the main messages of this blog. Don’t believe; just try and see if something works for you. You may step out of your comfort zone when you first try something. But don’t worry, that’s how it first works.

Take away:

  • People like routines because they want to think they control their lives
  • Having a routine can take away the magic of life, even if that routine is the most fantastic schedule ever.
  • Getting out of the comfort zone and trying something new can fill life with more memorable and beautiful moments

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