Everyone wants to have their own worldview. Most find solace when their perspective coincides with the people around them. Others prefer their worldview to be entirely different than others, no matter how unorthodox or even “wrong” it may be.

One thing is certain: everyone has their own theory and beliefs about the world. A few may have developed it consciously. Most people would say they have never thought about it. But they have still unconsciously set their own conclusions.

Philosophy seems to be an inseparable part of life. This is why I have dedicated an entire topic to it. Here, I show how you can enhance your life journey with teachings from significant figures in history.

This topic is part of the THINK pillar. As Greece has been the birthplace of philosophy, the majority of the topics here will relate to classical Greece. The very word philosophy literally means “love for wisdom”. However, there will be posts on Eastern and other philosophies.

To get an idea of the areas I plan to cover, here is a list of future articles:

  • Using Philosophy for our growth
  • The Socratic method
  • Epictetus: the crippled philosopher
  • The Socratic paradoxes
  • The Pythagorean’s Lifestyle Code
  • Taoism: a summary
  • Legalism: a summary
  • Buddhist philosophy
  • Confucianism
  • Jain philosophy
  • Buddhism vs Hinduism
  • Hindu philosophy
  • Stoicism
  • Epicureanism : a simple and modest life
  • Aristotle’s moral virtues
  • Aristotle’s intellectual virtues
  • Platonism
  • Aristotle’s self mastery
  • Aristotle’s ethics
  • Pleasure: why it doesn’t last

In every article, there will be a takeaway section on how to bring the teachings into practice.

Each first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC, one new post will be uploaded. I will address a different pillar every time.

Stay tuned, enjoy reading, and commit to making knowledge out of all this philosophy b@#€&#it. Life is all around. Make sure you don’t miss that.

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