How many people have you met from abroad? How often do you see different lifestyles on TV or the internet? The answers may surprise you. How many countries have you visited or simply read about? Our exposure to different cultures is huge nowadays. And it is getting bigger with globalization.

Still, people are oblivious to different norms and traditions. Many expect others to accept and assimilate their own “superior” culture. This is a sure way to exclude people and dump their relationships.

This is why I decided to address the topic of Culture in the CONNECT pillar. Apart from helping people connect with each other, the discussions here offer insights to aid someone in their life journey.

The subjects I plan to cover are: (in no specific order)

You can read a new article every 4 weeks. I will upload a new post every first Sunday of the month (10 am UTC) on a different category each time.

Stay tuned and remember: Life is all around. Cultures are full of it.

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