Relationships can be of many kinds. Yet, the type of relationships we seem to care about the most are romantic relationships. Although many think it is all about intimacy, a romantic relationship at its core is a different matter altogether. Want to know more? Here are three things a romantic relationship means!

Having fun together

To start with, a romantic relationship means fun. No matter the activity you do, when you spend time together, you have fun. This is how every romantic relationship starts and continues until the very end. In other words, fun is the core of the relationship.

Activities may not matter much after one point, but they still play their role. After all, the more interests you share with someone, the more chances you develop a romantic relationship with them.

The most characteristic trait of a partnership, though, is no other than the sheer joy you have when you are together. If your partner makes you smile and laugh, you know your relationship is on a good track.

Sharing your life 

When you enter a romantic relationship, you have essentially decided to share your life. It is no coincidence companionship and partnership are other words for such a relationship type. 

You are no more an individual because, to some extent, you have included the other person as yourself. You are now a team. And you will be there for each other, not because you must, but because you care more about the other than yourself.

After all, affection is one thing that divides a romantic bond from a friendship. And with your partner, no matter how physical your relationship is or isn’t, you are ready to take responsibility for each other. That means you invest a significant amount of your life into this relationship.

Motivating each other

Perhaps the most impactful trait of a romantic relationship is its potential to work as a motivation for personal growthYou and your partner help each other to be the best version of yourself.

Not only are you in a safe space to share your thoughts and experiences, but you also know that someone out there has your back. Many people are fortunate to have their parents as a safety net for the first half of their lives, maybe more. But it is up to each person and their close relationships to create something similar for the second part of their lives.

Finally, motivating your partner also means understanding each other. It is beautiful to know that someone out there understands you deeply, whether about serious stuff like your goals or small things like jokes others don’t get.


All in all, among the many things a romantic relationship means, three stand out:

  • Having fun together 
  • Sharing your life
  • Motivating each other 

If you have found someone willing to do those, stick around, and your life can be even more wonderful.

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