Many come to know about it. A lot more use it even without being aware of it. Some also know it is a universal or cosmic law of attraction. There is also a popular book about it called the Secret.

How I found out about this law

I learned about this law from different sources during the same time. It was mentioned a few times in some website articles I was reading; I also came to use it with some meditation techniques, although it was not explicitly called the law of attraction.

And then I went into a bookstore and found a book called Secret. I was curious, so I went to read the back cover. I was amazed by what it said. Suddenly, I made the associations in my mind, and it all clicked. I had a feeling that what I was reading was something true.

I did read the book and also bought a Greek version so that my parents could read it as well. The truth is that I was not only using the law during this period. I realized that I had constantly been applying the law my entire life.

What is this law

In short, the law of attraction states that you attract what you think. If your thoughts are about pleasure states of experience, you also find that your life becomes pleasant, meaning joy, love, or even bliss.

On the other hand, if your mind is preoccupied with negative future scenarios, you unknowingly attract similar unfortunate life events. Therefore, anxiety, misery, and other negative states will only multiply and not alleviate problems. Just see examples from people and how misery or stress cause more bad than good.

The law is pretty fair. It works both ways. It does not discriminate between what someone thinks is good or bad. Whatever the content of your mind reflects back to you.

Do not believe what I say; just see yourself

That may sound like fancy talk for some. Maybe it is. In any case, there is only one way you can know. And that is by your own experience. You can reflect on how your mind has been in the past and see how your life is now. See if you can make any associations.

If this is not possible for any reason, you can also try to practice the law actively. In other words, think about something coming true in your life. It does not need to be something big. You can start with something small and see if it gets confirmed. Something like “I wake up early.”

Notice how I do not use the word “will.” I get into the mechanics of how the law works in this article. In short, we can say that once your mind generates a continuous stream of thoughts towards one direction, and it doesn’t change direction, then what you desire will inevitably yield.

It is only that our minds keep changing every day. Today, we want something. Next week, we want something else. If what you want is so big that it needs more than a week to become true, it will simply not happen. Applying the law requires consistency.

Take away:

  • You attract what you think: this is the law of attraction
  • The law of attraction works both ways; whether you think pleasantness or unpleasantness, what you think will find expression in your life
  • Once you generate a continuous stream of thoughts in one direction, unmoving, your desire will inevitably come true.

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