We all face failures in our personal life. These are the moments we learn the most. But it need not be so. We can learn a bunch of new things and get valuable lessons every day. I have personally experienced this myself. All you need to learn something is willingness.

So I created this topic to show certain techniques and lessons that can aid you in your life journey. These practices and teachings have proved to be and are continuing to be vital to my own growth.

The topic of Life Lessons belongs to the spiritual pillar. It is more personal than the rest of the topics in this category. I will, however, focus on the techniques and lessons and only provide personal information when it is necessary.

For this topic, I have planned to upload these posts:

A new article will be online every first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC. Each time, I will focus on a different pillar.

Stay tuned. Remember to gather your own lessons. Life is all around, and lessons can be found anywhere.

They say we should have high self-esteem. Yet, if we look around us and be sensible, we can clearly see how small we are in this existence. Surprisingly, it can even feel good to admit we are such a trivial happening in this cosmos.

“Who am I?”: while some can claim this is a big question, others may say it is stupid. In any case, it seems we have not agreed on a specific answer. There are different opinions and theories around this question. This article hopes to provide some food for second thoughts.