Imagine if you could choose to be mortal. I’m sure you’ve read books, heard fairy tales, or watched movies with immortals. But what would you do if given the choice? Here is a story about Peace vs Immortality you might like.

Stumbling upon a magical treasure: peace vs immortality

Once upon a time, in a world where magic whispered through the winds, Jack and Joanna, a pair deeply in love, stumbled upon a magical treasure. As their 60th year approached, the jewel offered them an extraordinary choice: eternal life or inner peace.

Curious and eager to see what lay beyond the horizon, Jack opted for immortality. His heart danced with dreams of exploring every corner of the world for endless years. Meanwhile, Joanna, grounded in the tranquility of simple joys, chose peace, finding contentment in the harmony of life’s everyday moments.

The first years and the letter

In the first years, Joanna and Jack found happiness in the passing days, cherishing the laughter of loved ones, the whispers of the wind, and the colors of each sunset. They lived a life of joy, surrounded by the warmth of companionship and the serenity of a heart at ease.

One year before Joanna died, she wrote a hidden letter that would deliver to Jack 200 years later. In the letter, she expressed her love and gratitude for living with Jack a fulfilling and joyful life.

Jack’s journey and struggles

As time tiptoed forward, Jack voyaged through centuries, watching empires rise and fall, making friends who eventually faded away with time. The weight of endless days began to wear on him, and the loneliness of outliving those he cherished left him longing for the peace he’d forsaken.

Jack found himself reading Joanna’s email more and more often.

Eventually, burdened by the unrelenting march of time and endless depression next to loneliness, he decided to take action. He thought that if something made him immortal, there would be a way something could undo it or, even better, bring him back to Joanna.

Desperate to find the contentment Joanna had chosen, he ventured out to reunite with his love.

After centuries of desperate search, Jack found a way to undo his condition and transport him back in time to the day Joanna wrote the letter to him.

The reunion 

When Jack saw Joanna, their eyes met like old friends again. Jack told everything to Joanna and shared stories of his journeys. Jack, overwhelmed by the weight of unending years, and Joanaa, cradled by the gentle embrace of fleeting moments. 

In their reunion, Joanna shared the secret to her happiness: the art of living in the present, finding peace in life’s simple treasures.

In this moment of understanding, Jack realized that the true treasure wasn’t endless time but the beauty in each passing moment. He found peace in letting go of his desire for immortality, understanding that true contentment lay in life’s simple joys.

He lived his most fulfilling and joyful year at that time before he died one hour after Joanna’s death.

What does the story tell you about Peace vs Immortality?

Although we don’t have real-life experience with immortality, our minds can project the struggles and potential joys of living a never-ending life.

Some may say that we try to demote what we can’t achieve. And since we can’t achieve immortality, we downgrade it by thinking about everything that could go bad with being immortal.

Although a possible scenario, living a peaceful life sounds more fulfilling than leading a never-ending life. 

Nevertheless, in the end, it doesn’t matter because you’ve got no option. You and I and everyone we know will live a limited life on this earth. 

You do, however, have a choice. You can live your life fully, relishing every passing moment, or somehow go through life as if it’s the most tedious and routine thing in the world.

No, life is magical and deserves every bit of your attention. Make the most of every moment, and in the end, I’m sure you’ll have led an enormously fulfilling life. 

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