Questions to Ask


This mind of ours has created almost everything we see around us. From the most useful gadget to the… ear dryer. From the highest building in the world to weapons of mass destruction. Everything we use and do not use nowadays has been created by our minds.

We have utilized our brains to bring external wealth and convenience. Our minds have fixed the exterior but have not bothered to fix the interior. It’s time to explore how this amazing tool, called mind, can help us in the journey of life.

The first step in this direction has to do with asking the right questions. This topic belongs to the THINK pillar. It aims to inspire you to answer challenging questions and even come up with your own.

Some of the questions I plan to address here are:

I will post one new article every first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC.

In any case, stay tuned, comment with what articles you want to see first, and always remember:

Questions are more important than answers. For without the former, the latter cannot come. Life is all around, and so are questions.

We all wake up. Some get up right away, others need some extra time lying on the bed, usually checking their messages and social media. The question is what makes you get up from your bed? This may sound an easy question but the more time you spend thinking about it, the more you understand about yourself and your future. 

The so-called successful people on this planet are so busy that they often forget why they work in the first place. One technique we can use to get grounded is to think of the end game of our lives. Or, in other words, ask how you want to be on your deathbed. This article shows how important the above question can be. 

You often find yourself waiting for an event you absolutely know you will love. Whether it is going to your favorite artist’s concert, meeting your loved one, or traveling to a new country. As fun as such events can be, you can still enjoy yourself in anticipation, even if they are years ahead. Here are three tips to help you wait for something exciting!