Use Psychology


Connecting with people is not easy. Many struggle to do so. And there are different reasons. One is shy. Another does not know how. Others are loners. One thing is certain among all these people: they miss an important bit of life. They can miss life itself.

Luckily, there is a whole science that offers advice and explains why social exclusion happens. This science is called psychology. Not only can psychology help you connect with people, but, most importantly, it can improve your life journey. I intend to explore this issue here.

This topic (Psychology) is part of the CONNECT pillar. Psychology is a science that has to do mostly with the mind. Its focus, though has always been people.

I plan to write about the following matters here:

I will post a new article every month (first Sunday 10 am UTC). Each time I want to address a different pillar.

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And always remember: Life is all around. Psychology can help you see that.

Whenever we meet a new person, we always form an opinion about them in a matter of seconds. This is something we cannot easily control. And it is even more difficult to control what others will think of us. This article talks about 3 techniques to help you when meeting a person for the first time.