If I ask you to describe yourself, you will most likely start talking about your personality. Personality and the self are different, as we plan to see on the topic of self-awareness. However, we systematically use our personas to interact with people, solve problems and handle life.

Personality is a function of past inputs in the form of experiences and knowledge (more on this in a future post). Most people craft it unconsciously. Now, it is time to create and mold our personality consciously. This is a sure way to improve our life journey.

The topic of Personality is part of the THINK pillar. This suggests that our personas are nothing more than a creation of our own minds. To understand how to build and refine our personas, we need to first explain how the mind works.

To explore this topic, I intend to read about the following:

I aim to upload a new post every month on the first Sunday at 10 am UTC. I will discuss a different category every time.

The goal is clear: see how to use anything to improve your life journey and understand that “Life is all around”.

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