So much word nowadays about mindfulness. Well, of course, you need to use your mind. This brain of ours is an amazing gadget, a gadget whose capabilities most of us cannot even grasp. That’s why I made sure there is a whole category and five topics dedicated to thinking.

But there is an ancient saying that applies here: Balance above all. It’s useful and even necessary to utilize our brains, but at some points, we need a break. Creative ideas mostly arise during such “idle” seconds. Most importantly, mindless moments can open up a new dimension.

Mindlessness is closely related to meditation and what people call “nothingness”. In this topic, I will explain how mindlessness can open up new dimensions of experience and thus can help someone in their life journey.

Mindlessness belongs to the spiritual pillar. This subject could, in theory, stand under the Spirituality topic. I want, however, to write more than a few articles about it. So I created a separate topic for it.

I will regularly publish one article every month

Stay tuned. Don’t think too much. Life is all around and you better experience it, not just think about it.

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