Can we be more than one persona? Does it help? Or is it better to stick with one personality? This article shows why having multiple personalities matters. 

The mechanics of changing personalities  

First things first, you may already have more than one personality. Do you behave the same way at work, home, or when you go out? Probably not. That is because you already use different personalities

The underlying values and principles may remain the same, but much can change when the environment around you changes. After all, your goals and objectives shift as you change settings. Hence, you adapt to what you see to meet your goal.

The transition from one personality to another is seamless and often unconscious. The trigger often is the environment or the people around you. But, it can also be your doing if you choose to. 

Why not stick with one personality

A personality is a complex arrangement of likes and dislikes. You can think of it as the outfit you wear right now. One outfit suits some situations better than others. However, you often change what you wear based on the environment and what you want to achieve.

Imagine the weather is chilly outside. If you go for a walk, you will wear warm clothes. But if you want to work out, run, or go for a hike, you will wear a completely different outfit, even if the weather is the same. That is what you do with personality too. Based on your goals and your surroundings, your personality changes.

If you stick with one personality everywhere you go, you will become stiff and unable to adapt to drastic changes. After all, you never sleep or work out with the outfit you wear at work. You have the sense to change your clothing, just as you unconsciously switch your personality. It is time to turn conscious. 

How to change personalities consciously

We appear to do a great job adapting to our surroundings and changing our personalities unconsciously. Why bother with doing that with more awareness? Well, do you want your life to happen in random, or do you want to take control of your life? 

If you want to be the master of your present and the creator of your future, you want to have the ability to change personalities as you wish. Once you understand how life-changing this ability can be, it is time to enhance it. And the good news is that you are already changing personalities; you only have to take control. 

Apart from your willingness and determination, a few practices may help establish this ability in you. Choose an environment where you feel comfortable and pretend to be an actor for a day. Go in there and be a totally different person. If it helps, choose a new or unique nickname. You can do that when meeting new people, friends, or even if you are alone. All you need is willingness.


  • You already use different personalities.
  • Based on your goals and your surroundings, your personality changes unconsciously.
  • If you want to be the master of your present and the creator of your future, you want to have the ability to change personalities consciously.

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