Life is All Around: how it came alive

Life is All Around is a non-profit personal blog that aims to help people live a better life.

Life is all around is a personal blog. I always wanted to run my own website. And I also love writing. The only problem was time. I never had enough time to organize and proofread my writings. But out of the blue, corona happened.

During the (first ?) pandemic quarantine, I had to spend two months in my family home back in Greece. Instead of traveling (as I had planed) around Europe, I moved back to Greece and stayed home. And that was the chance I needed to do all the work for this website.

Although I enjoy interacting with people and being immersed in meaningful discussions, I never liked sharing my private life. I do not even upload any personal photos on my Facebook account (other than the profile picture). On the other hand, I like sharing findings, tips, and useful information.

The goal of this blog

I guess there is a thin red line between protecting your privacy and sharing life advice. And that is because any life advice must genuinely come from experience. Otherwise, I believe it is not worth sharing. One thing I have understood in life is: “All I know is by experience (or perception); rest is imagination”.

And that is what I try to do here. The idea of Life is all around came to me in 2018. Most of the topics I plan to cover have been researched during the previous four years. I have explored and taken notes on a lot more subjects. But I will only talk about those I think they can be of value.

My goal is to inspire you to see life from a different angle. The journey of life is an amazing one. And I hope this blog can help you see that. If interested, you can learn more about me or ask me anything. I would be very happy to see any text from you!

Feel free to ask me anything: