One of the favorite questions of planners is asking about the future and trying to fix it. For example, “what do you want to become” is a common question, even in kindergarten! However, “how do you want to live your life” can prove more helpful in creating a greater future.

Changing your mind

What would happen if you tried to answer the question now? Most people’s minds would think of something like a promotion at work, a partner in life, a lot of money, neverending holidays, or a big house. And to make matters more complicated, one day they crave one thing, and another day they want something else.

You can also experiment yourself and see if your mind is like that. You can ask the same question to yourself in a week and see how similar or different the answer is. That is an age-old fact. If you work all day, you want to be with your loved ones. If you have to be with your loved ones 24/7, you crave for the quarantine to end and go back to your office.

If you are here, you want to be there. If you are there, you want to be here. That’s very common among people. However, it does not mean that we all do it. It is a choice we have. If you think that you are going to reach your goals by changing direction every now and then, you are welcome to follow that. If you feel consistent thinking will serve you better, you go by that. If you are not aware of the choice, you just do your thing.

Asking the question at the right time

No matter how important we may think consistent thinking may or may not be, another fact is that the mind, in many of us, tends to change directions by itself. That means that inevitably the answer to the question “how do I see myself in the future” changes. One way to overcome this natural tendency of the mind is to answer the question at a conducive time.

We tend to have more clarity when we are alert, aware, and not entangled with what happens around us. During such a state, we can reach decisions and solve problems that otherwise would seem too difficult. When such conditions are present, it appears to be the ideal time to make important choices. After all, a decision taken in unawareness is less of choice and more of a compulsion.

There are many ways to bring a certain state of clarity to yourself. Different methods may work for different people. From sports, arts, and video games to stretching, meditation, and praying. Anything may relax someone and bring them clearness of thought. Finding the activity that works best for you is a matter of trial and error. Once you are in a state of clarity, you can make a decision and stick to it.

The importance of “how.”

When you have prepared yourself to answer the question: “how do I see myself in the future”, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the question as well. Notably, the word “how” is often overlooked, and many tend to answer the question: “how do I want my surrounding to be”.

Your work, house, car, bank account, friends, partner, and family are all things that are in your life but are not you. They are in your surrounding. Sure, in most people’s present understanding, all these can make someone happy or unhappy. However, the question is not, “What things in life will make me how I want”. The question is, “how do I want to be in the future”.

The question is about your internal state and wellbeing. It is a selfish question. And the answer is only about you and how you want to be, feel, think, sleep, and live in the future. You can try to describe that in as much detail as possible. However, at the same time, you try to limit the reference to things around you, even your beloved ones.

Your loved ones, your relationships, and your work can all be part of reaching that internal state and well-being. Once we define that, each one of us will find our way to get there. That is part of another question. The initial question, “how do I want to be in the future,” is rather challenging, but it can help one in their life journey.

Take away:

  • Many crave one thing one day but want something else another day.
  • We tend to have more clarity when we are alert, aware, and not entangled with what happens around us.
  • The question “How do I want to be in the future” is about your internal state and wellbeing. It is about you and how you want to be, feel, think, sleep, and live in your future.

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