“I am not into politics”. If you said such a thing during the birth of democracy in Athens, you would be condemned for a serious crime. However, nowadays, many citizens are completely indifferent to politics. They are even proud to say so.

What has gone so wrong with this matter? Have people picked up new hobbies? They simply don’t have the time? Or have they just lost interest? I would say most are disgusted with how politics works. But why is it so?

I believe that politics has gone bad because it separated from life and spirituality. Talking about politics from this perspective can disclose valuable advice and lessons to aid someone in their life journey.

The topic of Politics is the last piece of the WORK pillar. A lot of the articles will relate more to geopolitics (rather than pure politics). However, there will be posts about general politics too.

More specifically, I have planned to upload the following:

  • Responsibility of voters and politician
  • Middle East crisis: a mess with a lesson
  • Economy: a democracy-free zone
  • China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan: fighting for freedom
  • US in the Middle East: making it Better or Worse?
  • Israel-Palestine conflict: nationalism in its worst
  • Militant Groups in Africa: the bad or the good guys?
  • Conflict in Ukraine: putting power over Life
  • US in Afghanistan: a lost cause?
  • The Collapse of Venezuela: how socialism failed
  • China’s Geography: its secret power
  • Corruption in Latin America: the way of Politics
  • Present Russia: an important lesson
  • India vs Pakistan: how religion gets on the Way
  • China’s Africa: a help or exploitation?
  • Poland crisis in EU: a matter of inclusion or exclusion?
  • China’s Belt Road Initiative: inspiration or vain vision?
  • Modern Turkey: a return to Monarchy?
  • Political ideologies: a summary

One new article is scheduled to go online every first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC.

Stay tuned, and remember: Life is all around. In politics too.

Most of us spend a good part of our week in work. But have we made clear WHY we work in the first place? You can use everything for your growth, and that includes work for sure. Just make sure you have clarified WHY work. It is not as straightforward as it sounds.

Today’s world has seen a split between politics and economics. Traditionally, those in political power also controlled the economy. This is no more true today: we elect politicians but we cannot decide who is in charge of our market economy. Our economy looks like a democracy-free zone.