Why Work?


Other than your bed, what is the one room or place you spend most of your time every day? For most people, this is their office or workplace. Many spend more time with their colleagues than with their own wives, husbands, or children.

More and more individuals, especially in the so-called “Western world”, prioritize their professional careers above all else. They think their career is their life. Somewhere on the way, they probably missed an important point: WHY they started working in the first place.

I feel there is a need to discuss (or better, remind you of) some fundamentals about work. This is why I created this topic.

You can use anything to move forward in your life journey. And that includes your work too.

This topic is the first part of the WORK pillar. The aim is to motivate some thoughts about the reasons you work.

To do so, I have planned to publish the following articles, among others:

A new article will be available every first Sunday of the month at 10 am UTC.

Stay tuned and remember: Life is all around. Even in your work.

Most of us spend a good part of our week in work. But have we made clear WHY we work in the first place? You can use everything for your growth, and that includes work for sure. Just make sure you have clarified WHY work. It is not as straightforward as it sounds.

If we were to ask a few random people on the street about the secrets of success, “hard work” could be a common answer. Indeed, many believe that working hard is a great tip to become successful. However, working hard does not necessarily bring success nor sounds like an intelligent way to get things done. This article addresses these two facts.