Life is everywhere

Life is all around. That is the message of this blog. But it is a lot more than a message. There is life in everything around us. In animals, plants, in the Earth that we walk upon, the water we drink, the air we breathe. There is life everywhere.

But still, people talk about spirituality and the rest of life. They talk about work and the rest of life. They keep shrinking life until, in the end, there is nothing left. If they are lucky, they may end up considering family or something else as life. They view the rest as obligations, as different from life.

  • There is no such thing as work vs life.
  • There is no such thing as work vs spirituality.
  • No such thing as socializing and the rest of life.
  • Everything around us is life.

There is life within you; there is life within each person. There is life in a dog, every animal, every living creature. In every plant, rock, sand, dirt. In water, fire, air. There is life on this planet, outside Earth, or any other galaxy.

Life is all around. All you need to access all this life around is willingness. Willingness to understand yourself, willingness to grow, willingness to live. I call this the journey of life.

What do I mean with “The Journey of Life”

  • This is a path of self understanding. As this journey unfolds, you become more or less aware of your self. Of your personality, your opinions, your judgements, your presence.
  • This is a path of personal growth. As you move on this journey, you either grow as a person and presence, or you become nastier and compulsive.
  • This is a path of accessing life. In this journey, you collect life around you or you drop life around you. Or in other words, the profoundness of your experience improves or worsens as this journey unfolds.
This graph illustrates the journey of life and its three important traits.

The paths of self-understanding, personal growth, and accessing life are interlinked, and you cannot do one without another.

  • If you say you have grown as a person, you also say that you have understood yourself better and that you have gained more access to life.
  • Similarly, if you say you became more self aware, you also say you understood yourself better and your life experience was enhanced.
  • If you say the profoundness of your experience has deepened, you also say you have become more self aware and have grown as a presence.

You can use everything you do for your growth

You can use everything you do to aid you in this life journey. That is, you can use all the so-called pillars of life. You can use your work to walk further on it. You can use your interactions with people to become better. Or you can use your mind, even your life energies. Anything! You name it.

You can use anything to move forward on the journey of life. After all, this is a journey within. There may be outside stimulus and interaction with the world, but this journey is essentially within. It is a private matter, and only you can determine its success or failure. You can allow everything you do to help you on this journey.

Hence this blog. I want to show you how there is no such thing as spirituality and the rest of life. Life is spirituality; spirituality is life. We are spiritual beings meddling with the material and not the reverse. Even if you disagree, you can at least admit that there is no such thing as work and the rest of life. Work is life. There is no such thing as something and the rest of life. Life is all around.

Thinking is life; being is life; connecting is life. Everything is life.

Life is all around.

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So much talk about the comfort zone. Yet, it still seems hard to get out of it. After all, everyone seeks comfort in every activity. If it helps you grow, why not twist the definition of the comfort zone, at least for you? This article talks about the why and how of redefining your comfort zone.

Addressing the WHY question is not only important for a new entrepreneur. It can also prove an important stimulus and inspiration to grow in life. There are questions that cannot categorically be answered by today’s science. These may have to do with the purpose of humankind, space or just about creation itself. Think of “Why does anything exist?”, “Why am I here this very moment”, “Why we get born and why we die?”.

The simple act of smiling can be one way to move from pursuing happiness towards expressing it. It is one simple method to help us realize that joy is our original nature or in other words that the source of joy is within us. After all, when we were children, we were simply happy. We can choose to bring this back.

We all make conclusions about a lot of matters every day, if not every hour. We meet a new person, and within minutes or even seconds we form an opinion and judgment about that person. We draw conclusions all the time, consciously or unconsciously. If we want to grow in the journey of life, becoming aware of our assumptions can be of great help.