Everyone loves kids, but not all seem to enjoy their presence. Although this has to do more with the adults’ attitude, being around kids can be joyful activity and a growth opportunity for everyone. If you want more convincing, here are three ways spending time with kids helps you in your life journey.

Kids help you stay young at heart 

The more days and years we live, the more opinions and conclusions we make about the world. And it seems that when we carry too many books and takeaways in our heads, we become old at heart, behaving as if we are superior beings and personalities

Of course, knowledge and access to information are two fundamental reasons humanity has grown so fast. But the truth is, even if you have memorized all the libraries in the world, information and knowledge are only means, not goals. 

And kids show us that we become the most joyful when we forget how much knowledge and expertise we carry in our CV. All you have to do is to involve yourself when spending time with kids, and you’ll see how easy it is to remain young at heart.

Kids show you how to practice imagination 

Life is amazing. But so is imagination. As long as we don’t live in our imaginations for too long, having such thoughts can significantly improve our lives. Think of improved creativity, relaxation, innovations, and even plain fun!

We tend to forget how fun it is to imagine stuff to the point that we forget how to do it in the first place. Fortunately, there are millions of active daydreamers and visionaries around us. And kids are always in this category.

You don’t need to always imagine important stuff, such as building a house or treating a disease. You can practice your imagination muscle with trivial or nonexistent matters, just like the kids do. Join them in their fantasy games, and you will love them.

Kids teach you to enjoy life

If you ever need a reminder not to take life too seriously, you only have to look at kids and how they are. They may not have any responsibilities, but in their eyes, the world is a fresh and fantastic place to live, which is true for everyone willing to see it.

You can’t easily change what is around you. Or if you can, it needs either time or effort. However, you can easily change how you view and respond to anything that happens around you.

All you have to do is put yourself in a kid’s perspective. It can be a child you know, a kid you saw on the streets, or even an imaginary one. Just try to think and behave like a kid for a moment. It is an easy way to appreciate the magic of life, even if it is temporary.

You’ll quickly realize that if someone has to be the teacher, it’s not the adults but the kids.


  • Involve yourself when spending time with kids, and you’ll see how easy it is to remain young at heart.
  • Join kids in their fantasy games to practice your imagination and have fun
  • Put yourself in a kid’s perspective for a while; it will give some important perspective