Have you realized the significance of being grateful but struggling to make gratitude part of your life? Or are you looking for ways to bow down? Either way, this article is just for you. Keep reading to learn 3 ways to feel grateful and improve your life.

Pay attention and notice how unique everything is 

No matter where you are looking, there is a miracle happening in front of your eyes. And that miracle is life. Whether it is a bird singing or a car driving through, these are all sounds of life. The very least we can do is recognize how unique each sound or object is.

Take something as simple as a tree leaf. If you pay attention to it, note down every detail inscribed in the leaf, you won’t find any identical leaf anywhere in the world, now or in the future. That leaf is that unique, just like everything else in creation. You are unique, your friend is unique, who you call “your enemy” is also unique. 

It is all a matter of perspective. We all grew up taking a few things for granted. But today we are, and tomorrow we are not. It only makes sense to appreciate what we have in front of us, especially when everything is so unique. 

In other words, we can choose to see the uniqueness of everything around us. Or we can take everything for granted. Do not take this at face value. Try both perspectives and see which one enhances your life. 

Put yourself in perspective 

A straightforward technique to naturally bow down in gratitude is to put yourself in perspective. Did you ever look at the stars? You noticed how small they seem. But these are, in most part, bigger than our very planet. Much bigger. 

Our sun is more than 100 times bigger than planet Earth. And there are millions of other suns out there, which we call stars. Our mind cannot easily comprehend how small we are compared to the entire existence, or at least the existence we know. But what we can do is try.

You don’t need to think of the stars and our galaxy to put yourself in perspective. Just see how insignificant you are on this planet, in the overall society. Even if you are the president of a company or a nation, you are less than a frame in the world’s history. 

When you die, the human race will continue to survive. The rest of the world will go on. Planet Earth will not even notice. We are that small. When we realize that we are less than a speck of dust in the existence, we put ourselves in perspective. Then the magic of gratitude will naturally unfold. 

Realize how important nature is in our lives

One of the ways to feel grateful is to notice the nature around you. No matter where you go, there will be at least a sign of nature around you. Even metropolitan cities have scattered trees, plants, and parks sitting around. If you want, you can make a conscious attempt to link nature with gratitude. After all, our lives depend on nature.

In other words, whenever you see a sign of nature, your mind naturally bows down. That may sound fairytale-ish, but it is not outside your grasp. All it is needed is to realize how important nature is in our lives.

Think of a simple tree. If it wasn’t for it and its companions, almost half of the oxygen would not be around for us to breathe. If that is not enough, think of the very soil we walk on. What if half of the planet’s land disappears tomorrow morning? What if there is no land whatsoever. How would this affect our lives?

Nature is so vital for our lives, but we still tend to disregard its importance. When you realize the utmost importance of nature, you naturally bow down in appreciation. And there is no better way to live than in gratitude and total involvement.

Takeaway on ways to feel grateful

  • When you choose to see the uniqueness of everything around you, you naturally bow down in appreciation
  • When you realize that you are less than a speck of dust in the existence, you put yourself in perspective and gratitude comes 
  • When you see the utmost importance of nature, you naturally bow down in appreciation.