Do you ever wonder what it feels like to entertain yourself without technology? Or maybe you’re curious about the importance of tech-free entertainment in today’s world. Here to quench your curiosity is a story about Lima, a girl living in the year 2123.

The global decreee

The year Lima turned 14, a global decree rang through the streets of her tech-crazed world: that for the next 365 days, all entertainment must involve technology. No one was allowed to have fun without technology.

Lima was a young woman who had always tended to live on the edge, so naturally, she embraced this new rule. At least initially. Immersing herself in screens and Virtual Reality every waking moment, it felt freeing to stare at a screen for hours and not yet yelled at by her parents: she finally had an excuse.

However, as the weeks slid by, Lima’s back began to ache from all the sitting and standing. She yearned for the days she would sprint, jump, and hop around her neighborhood volleyball court. The real thrill of playing volleyball on a court, not just in her virtual studio, tapped at her conscience day and night.

Trying to distract herself, Lima even tried out chat rooms with online versions of her friends. Although beginning as new and exciting, the conversations fell flat within days. They couldn’t replace the joy of real company.


After two months of solidarity and online fun, depression kicked in. Lima missed reality, longed for laughter with friends beyond the cold screen, and decided to do whatever it took to get it back.

Defying the law, Lima started going out and collecting fines on the way. And it turns out it wasn’t just her who felt this way because once she began to share the word about escaping the rules, dozens began to follow.

In a way, she began to see the fines as the price of having fun with friends or, in nature, a price she was willing to pay.

Within 5 short months, Lima had begun a full-on rebellion.

The Realization

Slowly, a realization dawned among the entire population. Fun without screens held a special place in everyone’s heart, and they were now willing to risk it all to capture it. It was like somebody had to make fun without tech illegal so they could fully appreciate their beauty.

Lima and others began to understand the significance of genuine, tech-free enjoyment. As the end of the year approached, she amassed a staggering 1-million-dollar fine without batting an eye.

Then came an unexpected twist.

The government forgave all fines as a part of their master plan to get kids off of technology. The initiative succeeded, and they had finished the project.

People learned the importance of entertainment beyond technology.

What does the story tell you about tech-free entertainment?

2123 is a long way from now. Do you want to wait until then or until the government plays a similar prank on us?

I guess not.

The time to appreciate the beauty of having fun without technology is now. Before it’s too late.

Spending time behind screens is important in today’s world. Work, communication, games, and lots more are happening online.

The essential thing is to not make the screen a constant companion in your life. Embrace Tech-free entertainment. Spend time in nature and with friends. If you can do both at the same time, it’s even better.

The thing is, go out there. Explore. There is fun beyond technology. Never forget that.