They say we should have high self-esteem. Yet, if we look around us and be sensible, we can clearly see how small we are in this existence. Surprisingly, it can even feel good to admit we are such a trivial happening in this cosmos.

Get the perspective right

We are less than a speck of dust in this existence. This may sound controversial or radical. However, you are not asked to believe anything. You can just look at life around and decide yourself.

You can look at a mountain and see how small you are. Or you can look at the distance into the sky and see how small your vision is. At the same time, planet Earth is 0.0003% of the total mass of our solar system (1); and there are thousands other solar systems. And we have not even talked about galaxies yet.

In any case, it is not necessary to look at the stars to see how small we are. You can also picture your self in this planet, among 7.8 more billion people and 8.7 million other species. That means that we share this beautiful planet with 20 quintillion more animals, that is 20 billion billion living creatures (2).

What if you are gone

If you disappear tomorrow morning, the whole world will be just fine. If the human species goes extinct next week, the planet Earth will do just great without us. If Earth just explodes next year, the universe will not even notice.

Stars explode every second (3) and our life here on Earth goes on without any problem. At least one species goes extinct every day (expected average number is 150 per day (4)) and we are not even aware. 150 thousand people die every day (5) but we are only “affected” when a relative or friend dies.

If we look at life from a larger perspective and we want to be honest, we can admit our insignificance. We are trivial individually, as a species or as a planet. Surprisingly, it can feel good if we remind ourselves of this apparent fact: that we are less than a speck of dust in this existence. You can just try and see.

Do not depreciate yourself

The above technique is not supposed to make you feel bad or depreciate yourself. It just encourages you to be realistic with your place in this Creation.

You do not need to to appreciate or depreciate anything. Basically, you do not have to lie to yourself. You can simply see and admit your place in this existence.

Most importantly, this technique is just a technique, not a teaching. If you admit once that you are nothing in this cosmos, it would have no real effect. However, if you daily remind yourself of this fact, life can surprisingly improve. Just try and see.


  • Be realistic with your place in this creation
  • Just see how small and trivial you are in this existence
  • If you keep reminding yourself of this fact, life can surprisingly improve