We all have desires. When those desires touch the spectrum of society and humanity, they become a vision. And then the world slowly becomes a better place. If that sounds like something you want, have you asked yourself what your vision is? 

First things first, what is a vision?

At its core, vision is a desire. However, it is a more inclusive desire that affects more people or forms of life. “I want to be healthy” is a personal desire; it cannot be a vision. “I want every baby to be healthy” is a vision. 

Do you see the difference? 

Another way to think of a vision is that of an almost impossible all-inclusive goal. For a desire to be a vision, it needs to be so grand and ambitious that no one person can achieve it in one lifetime.

Why living with a vision is so rewarding?

No matter how well you do in all areas of life, nothing touches you as deeply as when helping people. Somewhere within us, we derive unparalleled joy when we help another human being or form of life in need of assistance. 

Whether it is giving away time, money, blood, advice, or anything else, the process of giving can transform you into a more joyful and fulfilled being. Don’t get me wrong; fulfillment may seem like a never catching goal, but when you are in pursuit of your vision, you usually feel more fulfilled than ever

Have you ever thought about why so many people decide to volunteer year after year for their time off the office? They could be in any holiday resort they want, but they decide to devote their free time to helping others. Or at least it looks that way from the outside; in reality, they do it because it feels incredible.

If you have volunteered before, you can understand how elevating this experience can be. When you take away any personal interest from your actions and thoughts, anything you do in service of others can be liberating and extremely ecstatic. 

The simple act of living with a vision is surprisingly elevating on its own. Even devoting a few minutes a day of your time to pursuing your vision can do wonders for how joyful you feel. 

So what’s the takeaway here?

  1. Think of your vision: how do you want to make this world a better place
  2. Spend a few minutes every day in pursuit of your vision 
  3. When given a chance, volunteer.