Looking for work: everyone comes through this phase in life. It can be stressful, but it is also an opportunity to make changes and grow. After all, you can use everything for your growth. The choice you make for your next job or career can make the growth process easier or more difficult. It is time to climb the correct ladder. Here’s how.

Earning a living

Life is all around, and that includes work. Work and life are not two separate things. If you view your work as simply a means to live, you are missing life. In a way, what we have in life is limited time and energy. If we think work is only to make money and go through it miserably, then it appears we waste considerable time and energy.

Some would argue here: “But I have to make a living”. Sure, that is right. But if you pay attention to life around you, you can see that every creature on this planet is earning its living. And their brain is nothing compared to ours. Humans do not want only to make a living; we have so many other desires and needs, whether psychological, social, financial, or emotional.

Surviving in this world is much easier than 50, 100, or 2000 years ago. We may have complicated the process of living with all these newly manufactured needs, but survival is not as difficult as it once was. All we have to do is use our phenomenal minds, and our survival is guaranteed.

From likes to vision

Of course, earning a living is a significant concern when choosing your next job or career. However, it is not the only one. Often, the primary matter is whether you like it or not. That is how many people choose their job. They first view the salary, see if they fancy the job description, and finally decide.

The above approach may work for some people, but there is also an alternative. Instead of looking at the wages and likes or dislikes, you can look for a job that can bring your vision to life. Or in other words, find a work that inspires you. Likes and dislikes change too frequently to make such an important decision only based on opinions.

On the other hand, what drives or inspires you stays the same for more time, if not forever. So if you know your inspiration or your vision, it is logical to look for a work that can bring your vision to life. Then, the whole process of work will become easier and more joyful.

Success as a side effect

If you do what inspires you, you work effortlessly. You no more crave for the weekend or holidays to come. That may sound like “fancy talk,” but it is the reality for many people, whether they know it or not. Once in this state, earning a living is not an issue because your effort will naturally pay back.

It is interesting to make this distinction. Because you are motivated by your vision or inspiration, you act accordingly, and the fruits of your effort will come. In other words, money and wealth will come. But you did not think of those in the first place. They just happened as a side effect of your enormous effort, naturally coming from your vision.

On the other hand, if you only desired wealth in the first place and money was your main drive for finding work, this motivation will not last. You may be inclined to work hard for a few days, weeks, or months, but slowly this inspiration will wave, and you will eventually struggle at work. You will be craving the weekend and only think about the following holidays.

Climb the correct ladder

Your decision for your next work or career step can boost or hinder your growth. If you manage to go through the time at work without any struggle and conduct everything there consciously, you can use your work for your growth. And this becomes so much easier if your work agrees with your vision.

But what if you have not decided or are unsure what your vision is? Then obviously, it would be of great benefit for you and your future if you could set some time aside to locate that. There are many ways one can come into it. For example, when I want to make critical decisions, I go to a place I have never been (e.g., a park, a forest, a mountain), meditate, and then think and decide. It works for me, but it is not guaranteed to work for someone else.

When choosing your next work, you can view every job offer or career step as a different ladder that leads to a different place, either better or worse, from where you are now. If you can again set some time to think about these and consciously choose the best option, your final decision can help you tremendously in your life’s journey.

Choose to climb the correct ladder, the one that brings you closer to your vision. Do not focus on wealth, salary, or money for this decision. These will come naturally.

Take away

  • When we do what inspires us, we work effortlessly, and wealth will come as a side effect
  • Your decision for your next job or career step can boost or hinder your growth.
  • View every job offer or career step as a different ladder that each leads to a different place; then choose to climb the ladder that leads closer to your vision