What does “Life is all around” mean?

In short, LifeIsAlAround is an encouragement to see life from a new perspective.

Everything you do is life. Everything you don’t do is also life.

There is no such thing as work and the rest of life. Like there is no separation between spirituality and life. Spirituality is life; work is life. Everything is life.

Life is all around.

We are just an infinitely small piece of life. To illustrate this, take a look at the following picture. The big circle or bubble is assumed to be the whole life. Because it is impossible to capture on paper, we can say that this bubble does not have boundaries. The smaller circle inside is your own life.

This tiny bubble is moving inside the big one. It moves to go to work, run, take a walk in the nearby park, or go to bed. Everywhere it goes, there is life. And that’s what “Life is all Around” means.

Regarding personal development, everyone has their definitions of growth. So why not explore one more? In this perspective, growth means that your bubble grows. It means that you capture more life than you already had. That is what I call growth in the journey of life.

Why “Life is all around”

People generally assume that life is only a few things. For some, life is going out and having “fun”. Others say life is family. For a select few, life is only spirituality. They label all other affairs as worldly and dismiss them. For quite many people, they consider love or even sex as life. Rest matters are just obligations.

This depreciation of life has made people miserable. At the very best, they have placed their happiness in the hands of others. Their inner world now depends on the exterior and what happens in the environment. But there is an alternative. If you are willing, you can determine your interiority irrespective of what is happening around you.

In other words, you have absolute mastery of what happens inside you. You decide if you want to be joyful or angry at this very moment. It is just that most people have outsourced this ability to the external world. Instead of choosing themselves, they have unconsciously given this privilege to other people. Simply put, their inner world depends on situations around them.

The root of this fundamental problem lies in the nomination of few things as life. We tend to consider something like life and discard the rest as worthless. Yet, everything is noteworthy because everything is life.

“Life is all around”: Why is it an approach to life

“Life is all around” promotes a specific approach to your everyday life. It is an encouragement to see life in a more positive light. Above all, it is a calling to come closer to your true nature, to come closer to life.

This is a picture I took in Fiji in 2018

“Life is all around: a new ancient approach to life”:

Why ancient?

Throughout the history of humanity, there are examples of people who have tremendously enhanced their life. In some parts of the world, they are called sages and prophets. Elsewhere, they are named mystics or yogis. In a few, they get a label of apostates and face prosecutions.

A pattern among such “enlightened” beings is clear. They view everything in life as meaningful. They pay the same attention to a thief and a king. Everything is sacred to them; they appear to have no likes and dislikes. Everything is worth attending to; there is no pity issue.

The first of these “beings” seem to have emerged in the Indian subcontinent. Since then, prophets, sages, gurus, martyrs have appeared in all parts of the world. You can find such examples in many religions and spiritual movements. Jesus Christ is a prominent example of this, but it is not the only one.

That is why I call “Life is all around” an ANCIENT approach to life. Why do I also call it a NEW approach?

So, why new?

In part, it is because people forgot about this way of life. In their worldview, they have decreased life to the bare minimum. It is time to address this issue and offer suggestions and encouragement to live more joyfully.

I show how “Life is all around” can help someone grow and move forward in their journey of life. To do so, I try to approach various matters and topics from this perspective. In this journey, people do activities that belong to four different groups: the 4 pillars of the life journey.

This blog is organized accordingly and offers guidance on how different matters within each pillar can help someone in their journey of life.

The same message dominates each topic and discussion: “Life is all around”.

Time to use everything for your growth!

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Relationships are part of our everyday life. For most people, it is the source of their joy. At the same time, people get hurt the most when a human relationship breaks or deteriorates. A natural question arises: why relationships seem to be causing so much joy and grief at the same time?Relationships are part of our everyday life. For most people, it is the source of their joy. At the same time, people get hurt the most when a human relationship breaks or deteriorates. A natural question arises: why relationships seem to be causing so much joy and grief at the same time?

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