You often find yourself waiting for an event you absolutely know you will love. Whether it is going to your favorite artist’s concert, meeting your loved one, or traveling to a new country. As fun as such events can be, you can still enjoy yourself in anticipation, even if they are years ahead. Here are three tips to help you wait for something exciting!

The philosophy of a man called Epicurus, born in Greece around 2300 years ago, was one that affected me the most and can still be an inspiration for many. In this article, I talk about 2 of its aspects that, in my own prejudiced mind, can best help someone in their life. Meanwhile, I also speak about 2 other points of this philosophy with which the very same discriminatory mind of mine does not fully agree.

“Religion and spirituality”: this is a very subtle topic. It is difficult to talk about these two as in many cases they intersect. However, this does not mean that they are the same. There are important differences between the two. This article touches on this issue.

Looking for work: everyone comes through this phase in life. It can be stressful but it is also an opportunity to make some changes and grow. After all, you can use everything for your growth. The choice you make for your next job or career can make the process of growth easier or more difficult.